Some Achievements

Past and recent projects carried out by the agency


  • Over One Hundred thousand enrollees on the scheme
  • Enrollment of civil servants in the state
  • Enrollment of Local Government staffers
  • Enrollment of staff of State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB)
  • Enrollment of Organized Private Sectors (OPS) including but not limited to Oyo State Small Scale Industry, Nigerian Institution of Surveyors, Chicken Villa limited, Fulcrum Golden Heritage Limited
  • Enrollment of the Informal sector.
  • Creation of Enrollment Centres in all 33 LGAs across the state and in branch offices of our health maintenance organization


  • Accreditation and Engagement of Optimally Performing Public and Private Healthcare Providers across the state.
  • Accredited Pharmaceuticals and Drug manufacturers.


  • Renovation and Upgrade of Primary Healthcare Centers (PHC) across the state as well as installation of solar powered inverters for 24-hour coverage.